Advice from a Photographers Perspective

The first dance is such a sweet moment in the wedding day. It’s a challenge for shy brides and grooms (since all eyes are on you!), but I think it’s a particularly lovely tradition, one that can yield some fantastic photographs, and one that deserves some thoughtfulness in the planning of your wedding day. Here are a few easy tips to get you started:
1. Choose that just-right song.
Emotion in real life = emotion in your real photographs. The song can be magical or meaningful, sentimental or just plain fun, but definitely choose one that makes you two dance.
2. Consider the lighting and space you’ll use.
Lighting can add drama, but it also shows off your faces. And I know I’m always reminding folks about their grannies, but your grannies will be glad they can see your faces, too. This might mean planning your first dance just before or after sunset if you are planning an outdoor reception. Or it could mean bringing in lighting to accent the dance floor if you’re planning an indoor or late night outdoor reception.
3. Practice!
I don’t necessarily mean you have to take dance lessons, though I have seen—and thoroughly admired!—some spectacular choreographed and rehearsed first dances. Practice could simply mean slow dancing around your living room a few times before the wedding (which you’ll probably love anyway at that point in the planning!).

by: gia canali


wday vid #4

a perfect example of why i want our wedding recorded with an iphone app.

Untitled from Brooke Hoehne on Vimeo.


ABSOLUTELY in ♥ | wday photography

Thank you Samm Blake for these beautiful & stunning photos. Tough they are simple, they embody the newly weds love and personalities. Two great characteristics of beautiful photography.

...and what a coincidence that these are our wedding colors too.