Wday venue options

circle one:
b.thirtynine hotel

*update: option a. is the winner

idea post #3

i really want to have these at our wedding to host some of my fav cocktails and drinks, like:
a. firefly tea sweettea vodka with lemonade
b. water with limes, oranges and cucumbers

idea post #2

circle one:
a. have a bunch of clothes lines with these bags attached to them by clothes pins.
b. create a box or have an accordion file have these kits filed under each guests name

idea post #1

elevate the cooler on some cmu blocks. use a cooler for the base and make a custom top that you can cut a hole/square in it so someone can put there hand in the cooler, then make/design a cover for the cooler. taaadddaaaa. my diy version.

*add to bag #1

isn't this great. i love it!

look... these are my Wday colors too

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