meet the bm's

{ maid of honor}

heidi partida
est. 2000
met through past relationships

{ bridesmaids }

octavia sisley
est. 1997
met through a mutual friend in seventh grade.

devon vandervort
est. 1998
became friends through drill team in eighth grade.

anna mariano
est. 2006
met through work at the pasadena playhouse.

ciana biscano
est. 2007
became friends through the "boys".

more bm's with different dresses.....

{images from links on the right}

an interior | Wday colors



the feel, the look, the concept

love, love,love the style of the bm dresses and brides dress. that is my first pick of dress style. now all i gotta do is find fabric and an amazing seamstress. anyone know of any in hawaii (oahu)?

{image via here or here}


Wday MUST Have Post #2: cupcake bar vs. cupcake tower vs. both

cupcake bar


cupcake cake tower

& p.s. i am horrible at posting credits of where i got images from ( b/c i browse the internet sooo much and don't save the links). so to set the record (somewhat straight) all of these pictures are from other (fill in space with: talented, wonderful, amazing, etc, etc, ) _________ people.

Wday MUST Have Post #1: mason jars

This idea is a splurge on a $10,000 wedding budget. But i don't care. I heart mason jars. I plan to also post something on craigslist for other bride to bes'(sp?) to see if they would be interested in purchasing the mason jars I am left with after the reception. Another idea would be to turn them into gifts and send them out to our guests later. However, I feel that would be very costly (shipping wise). Currently I have my eye on Kmarts, 12 mason jars or $9.49. So lets see.... that's 120 guests(roughly)...divided by 12.... that's 10 cases.. multiplied by $9.49... that's gonna cost us $113.88 (no tax).... :)


Wday venue options

circle one:
b.thirtynine hotel

*update: option a. is the winner

idea post #3

i really want to have these at our wedding to host some of my fav cocktails and drinks, like:
a. firefly tea sweettea vodka with lemonade
b. water with limes, oranges and cucumbers

idea post #2

circle one:
a. have a bunch of clothes lines with these bags attached to them by clothes pins.
b. create a box or have an accordion file have these kits filed under each guests name

idea post #1

elevate the cooler on some cmu blocks. use a cooler for the base and make a custom top that you can cut a hole/square in it so someone can put there hand in the cooler, then make/design a cover for the cooler. taaadddaaaa. my diy version.

*add to bag #1

isn't this great. i love it!

look... these are my Wday colors too

via here


the hunt for fabric for Wday

i found this a couple of weeks ago and the more time that passes by the more i'm falling in love with it. what do you think? ideas for use of the fabric ranges from table runners to the invites to the favors... the options are limitless.

*from fabric.com


Wday cake

I went window shopping yesterday and came across this cake pan from my favorite store, williams and sonoma. I picture a couple of these made out of R&R's fav cakes and a bunch of little ones.

a reflection of R&R

so i've been thinking of what type of wedding would suite R and I the best off of the little opinions R has shared with me. The opinion that's helped the most is that he wants it to have color. I am also taking into consideration that our budget is $10,000. Which, BTW, I have saved $150 so far. Just $9,850 to go! While I was brainstorming today in the usual Hawaii nei traffic jam I thought about making our wedding a vintage hawaiian wedding (nothing cliche of course), 60's-70's inspired. I figured that would have color, right? It'd be fun, and it could also be less dow-llars. Ideally I'd love it to be both town&country.

vintage hawaii meets chic city


Wday bridesmaid brainstormin

I love the idea of the bridesmaid dresses not being the same & for the record, I liked the idea before it became this years trend. Booooooo!!!!

side note: didn't save link to these images, sorry

{the following are dresses from jenny yoo, that i like}

{the following are dresses from j crew, that i really like}

an example of the dress above in action: