the feel, the look, the concept

love, love,love the style of the bm dresses and brides dress. that is my first pick of dress style. now all i gotta do is find fabric and an amazing seamstress. anyone know of any in hawaii (oahu)?

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Wday MUST Have Post #2: cupcake bar vs. cupcake tower vs. both

cupcake bar


cupcake cake tower

& p.s. i am horrible at posting credits of where i got images from ( b/c i browse the internet sooo much and don't save the links). so to set the record (somewhat straight) all of these pictures are from other (fill in space with: talented, wonderful, amazing, etc, etc, ) _________ people.

Wday MUST Have Post #1: mason jars

This idea is a splurge on a $10,000 wedding budget. But i don't care. I heart mason jars. I plan to also post something on craigslist for other bride to bes'(sp?) to see if they would be interested in purchasing the mason jars I am left with after the reception. Another idea would be to turn them into gifts and send them out to our guests later. However, I feel that would be very costly (shipping wise). Currently I have my eye on Kmarts, 12 mason jars or $9.49. So lets see.... that's 120 guests(roughly)...divided by 12.... that's 10 cases.. multiplied by $9.49... that's gonna cost us $113.88 (no tax).... :)