dresses & venues & more...oh my

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so... im happy to say that the dress(es) are bought & venue is picked (but not finalized yet, that'll happen later this year.)

remember this dress here and here... well i ended up getting it today for 1/4th of the cost. can you believe it. i was window shopping yesterday at the waikele outlets and happened to find myself in bcbg with their great additional 50% off sale. to my surprise they had a couple of these dresses and they were marked down to $149 and with the sale they were an additional 50% off, making the dress $75. so i tried it on & again i was in love. just like i was when i first tried it on a year ago. i mean what are the chances, right?

along with the dress i also found another great short dress that i need to reconstruct a little before its perfect for another wedding event. that dress was $25. (sorry no picture.)

i find it funny (& so me) to have found my wedding dress on my own by myself. :) Though i'm sure I would of totally had my girlfriends b.k.a my bridesmaids see it in person if they were here on this rock with me. :)

there were a couple of legit reasons to why I'm ok with a wedding dress that costs $75. reason #1 i could save some money for my top choice awesome venue, the cupola, #2 the dress is simple, classy, flattering, and a champaign color, #3 if i decide to not use it for our wedding, at least it was just $75.

there are also some legit reasons to why i really, really want the cupola. #1 its interior is bare & modern, #2 it's air conditioned, #3 there is a parking lot, #4 they have nice chairs that are grey (that are included to renting the venue), #5 venue includes lighting, sound system and projector, #6 there is an awesome wine bar right next to it so guests can help themselves #7 leena (lady in charge of renting venue) is very sweet, nice and personable, #8 their food menu looks good (the taste test is TBA), #9 it's close to town, #10 the venue supplies the tables, chairs, flatware, glassware, linen


  1. I would have loved to see you try on dresses!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you looked stunning, I would have been completely teary eyed! I can't wait Raynette, I wish I could go through this process with you. But remember, you can always call me and we can phone shop together! Miss you!



  2. I hate that I can't be there with you every step of the way... but I'll do my best in Cali. Just as Octavia said - I know you will look "stunning" in your dress. Love and miss you everyday!