something big is about to happen and r doesn't know yet. after knowing him for over 9 years and being with him for a little over two years, i am ready to take the next step and propose. i'm sure many of you traditionalists, friends and family are thinking i'm crazy for wanting to do this... but what can i say, when i want something, i'll work at making it happen. my heart is beating so fast just writing this... ha ha... and guess what.. he's laying right next to me asleep. i just found the perfect ring for him at sea babe jewelry. not only does it fit the criteria of being a simple gold band made from a local vendor but it is also made by a vendor that is based out of my second hometown, the north shore. i just emailed them tonight about getting it by this christmas eve. i hope it all works out and i can purchase it by then. please keep your fingers crossed for me.

oh.. before i forget...

we are RandR!

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