wed. advice: photography

"Your wedding photographer will probably try to convince you to do two hours+ of portraits before the ceremony. He wants you to be able to go straight to the reception after the ceremony, but he also wants to capture the first moment you see each other in your wedding garb without any pesky wedding guests in the way. What you get is those incredibly stagy "first look" photos, where the bride and groom just end up looking like they're posing.

Come on. You're nervous. You're about to get married. And then you're supposed to turn and look at each other and be all lovestruck and amazed while pretending there's not a camera pointing at you?

You're robbing yourself of the (trust me) incredible moment of seeing each other for the first time at the altar. Or the arch or the stump or whatever. And you're robbing your guests of the joy of seeing you see each other for the first time.

For fuck's sake, please just take a little time to do portraits after the ceremony. They'll come out much better because you will be SMILING YOUR ASS OFF. You'll barely notice the camera. (Trust me.)"

great advice. thanks ESB. i've been seeing all these great wedding pics and yes, they are beautiful but some just don't ring true. they look so perfect that they could be mistaken as a magazine photo shoot). i suppose there is nothing wrong with that, BUT, i personally appreciate the candid, off the wall pics more because they are capable of capturing that exact magical moment.

(i'm sure i'll be guilty of some magazine photo shoot pictures too when i get married, he he)

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